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Journalistic Integrity once meant telling the truth.

It has no meaning today.

If you could tell me when that time was, it would be news indeed. It wasn't:

in 1932, when Walter Duranty won his Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Soviet Union, coverage which went on to deny the artificially engineered famine that killed millions of Ukrainians.

in 1960's Vietnam, when Adam's photo of then-Saigon police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing the VC told only half of the truth - too much cropping below the photo, where the caption is.

I don't have the OED available at this terminal - maybe someone else can tell me how old the term 'yellow journalism' is.

It seems to me that there has pretty much always been a market for hack writers, as well as for dodgy construction companies, financial schemers and even crap photographers. They just don't stand the test of time and thus memory, unless they do something spectacularly awful.

Not that Adams wasn't a good shooter, or Duranty unable to write. They both had talent, and both had reasons for doing what they did. That why might be beyond the scope of this thread, though.