Guys- I did something really dumb today with my new (to me) Pentax analog spotmeter...

The first warm day of the year here in Charm City, and I'm out shooting my "ghetto-scapes"[size=1]TM[/size] with T-max, rated at EI 50...

My notes look like this-

Shot 1, House on B street-
Sun on roof - meters 9
Dark window- meters 6
Window on II= 1 sec @ f16, Roof falls on V

Great, right? NO Matt you idiot! 1 sec @ f16 in the sun? what are you thinking! THE METER HAS 2 SCALES, when you are not using the button, you read the top scale- the window didn't meter 6, it metered 11.5! You placed your shadow on zone VIII ! (that's what I call "high key!")

The two meter scale divisions don't exactly line up, but it looks like everything was overexposed by about 5-6 stops.

So anyone have any ideas for N-6 development? :oops: I need to lose a whole lot of film speed if possible, or maybe I should just not bother processing these negs at all. But perhaps I could give up on a normal treatment and get some interesting results with something experimental; for example, I have gotten interesting prints before from gross printing overexposure combined very quick devepopment, vice/versa...hmmm

Well anyway, one good thing is I will never make this mistake again, but I'm sure there will be others...