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What type and size cameras are we expected to see?
From me:

My Toho FC-45X during my presentation on backpacking and traveling with LF gear, and again as an intro to my presentation on modifying, assembling and building LF cameras.

My 4x10 Swiss Lotus will also be shown/discussed during the modifying, assembling and buliding LF cameras presentation.

Finally, I am hopeful my 7x17 Franken-ARCA will make it's public debut as part of this presentation. Like the 4x10 Swiss Lotus, the Franken-ARCA is an assemblage of bits and pieces made by people whose talents and skills I lack. In fact, one of the main points of my half of the presentation is that you don't necessarily need much in the way of skills, or a shop full of tools, to assemble a perfectly functional camera to meet your own unique needs and requirements.

For those who do have the skills and desire to build a beautiful large format camera from scratch, JB Harlin will be my co-presenter. He will be discussing the 4x10 and 8x20 vertical cameras he built for his wife Susan. Unlike me, JB designed and constructed all the parts of his cameras himself (a feat that leaves me personally awestruck and more than a little envious). I believe JB will have at least one, if not more , of the magnificient cameras he has built on display. I'm thrilled to have him as a co-presenter. Between the two of us, the presentation should have something for everyone - eveything from very simple modifications to designing anf building a complete camera.

Of course, there will be a huge variety of other cameras, from both manufacturers and dealers, on display at the free trade show (a must for gearheads like me) and the Speed Dating (cameras, not other desparate singles) session that Ted Harris and I will be hosting.

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The Cubs break everyones heart, all the time, all season long, every year, I was two when they choked in '69 Kerry, and they have kept this pattern ever since then.
You're lucky. You're not old enough to remember 1969. I was in second grade and got into a fight with a classmate the day the Cubs were mathematically eliminated by the Mets. Said classmate (who shall remain nameless for his own protection) had the temerity to switch loyalty to the Mets on that fateful day. In hindsight, probably not a bad move on his part. But for me, once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan. As often as they've broken my heart, I still believe I will live to see the day when the Cubs win a World Series. Hey, the Red Sox and White Sox have both won, why not the Cubbies? And when they do, I'm going to call that classmate from second grade and rub his face in it. Take THAT traitor!