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Well, all I know about "journalistic integrity" is that when I was writing tech articles about photography in a magazine, there was huge pressure from the importers (camera, other) to the Editor so that he would take care not to show their products to be "bad" in the tests. I was a good guy, though and things happened with my articles, sometimes. Like the once I did the test for Hasselblad's H-1 and wrote that it's an OK camera, but too pricey (compared it to the other 6x4,5s and to the Rollei 6008 that also takes a 6x4,5 back)... The importer wanted to kill me and stopped giving ads to the magazine for a long time... Well, as you can imagine the magazine kissed good-bye the journalistic integrity and I stopped (by my own free will) writing camera tests.
You gave your opinion. That has nothing to do with truth.