The Schneider 80mm Componon S is an excellent lens. I use mine for 645. I use a EL-Nikor 50mm N for 35mm, and that is excellent too. In use, I prefer the Componon simply because it has proper half aperture stops and a "preset" lever.

One of my Componons suffers bubbling on the periphery of the front element. This is a known "feature" of Schneider lenses of a certain age and performance is unaffected. Mechanically, the lenses seem robust, although the simpler Nikor should be more durable.

For what its worth - According to Ctein in his book "Post Exposure", the 80mm Componon S is limited to 6x6, whereas the other two 80mm lenses (both Rodenstocks) he rated could manage 6x7. Of course, only an issue if you change format in the future. By the way, he did not rate the 80mm Nikon - but that doesn't mean its bad, just that (according to his measurements) it is not as good as the offerings by Schneider and Rodenstock.