Dave, Thanks for the welcome.

I certainly did not intend for my first post to be a contraversial one. Over the years, we have handled perhaps a half dozen 14" Trigors and many, many of the Kern Gold Dot Dagors. I suppose that "coverage" would be a matter of opinion. Our experience has been that the Trigor and Kern Dagor are very similar lenses and that neither lens offers as large a usable image circle as the 355 G-Claron. We are aware that lenses vary some from sample to sample and would certainly encourage Doug to test his own example for himself. If he is pleased with the results, that is really all that matters. Perhaps I misunderstood his question, however we would not suggest that a person buy an 11X14, 8X20, or 12X20 camera because they hoped to cover the format (with room for movements) with a 14" Trigor.