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Mike, I guess I must be missing something here. Is the Patriot Act in effect here? Is this a matter of national security? Is the park public property? Is the "Bean" public property? Are there laws which say you cannot use a tripod, as in Mexico or some places in europe?

My understanding of public property is that photography is allowed in a public park at any time in which the park is open, day or night. A tripod does not make a professional (see my gallery, I use a tripod but am certainly not a professional). What is the real issue here about the use of a camera on public property. Is it the "bean"? If an artist has a work on display on public property, there are no laws about taking the picture. There are laws about the use of an image in which a copyright has been used wrongfully, but that is certainly not a police issue, it is a matter for the courts to decide.

I still suggest a large "shoot-in" by as many LF photographers as possible. tim
Tim its crazy, when they first opened the park there were a number of instances that occured were these part time security people were taking bribes from photographers wanting to photograph in the park. This was writtn about in one of the local hipster artsy rags here in town, I believe it was "The Reader".

I think what happened is once these guys started dipp'n they couldn't stop and started harassing people. Plus Mayor Daley over payed alot of money for millenium park and in turn can justify the gaurds and expenditure. I see the city's point in that all that expensive metal structure is very accesible and all it takes is a 15 year old on the high school track team and a fat Sharpie to wreak havoc.

Most of the security people that work Chicago events and such here in town are off duty CHPD so I give the wide berth and due respect, (cuz yous might fall down and bust your head while im try'n to stuff you in da paddy wag'n over by there) but these clowns don't appear to be of duty Chicago police.

If your ever in town I can act as a guide for ya, my rates are Irish breakfest at the Irish Oak and a pint of guiness to wash her down, ah the chicago way ya gotta love it.