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I have just finished a sample of 5x4 negs developed with Pyrocat-HD using minimal agitation and I am very pleased with the initial results.

I used the 1:1:150 dilution for 45 mins in BTZS tubes.

My observations(although not scientific) are as follows:
1. The negs seem to have stained more using this technique over my previous constant agitation runs but this might be subjective as I don't have a densitometer.
2. The negs are very sharp and fine grained

I also liked the long process as it allowed me to answer the phone, make the tea and read Black and White magasine whilst developing. I will now try and establish my personal film speed using the minimal agitation and incorporate this technique in my reportior.

Phill Dresser


I just looked at data comparing the 1:1:150 dilution (minimal agitation) of Pyrocat-HD with the 2:2:100 dilution (rotary) with three films, FP4+, 400Tmax and 320TXP and there was virtually no difference in the level of stain with the two methods, either with Blue reading or UV reading. I had actually expected that the stain wold be much less with the minimal agitation procedure becaue of the fact that the film is still for so long in the developer so the the actual results were somewhat surprising.

Sandy King