Hey QC, welcome! If you're Jeff W., hello from your old stomping grounds in Knoxville.

You didn't start the controversy on coverage of the Schneider Dagors and Trigors, it's been going on long time. Most users report what you have, they are 8x10 lenses and would probably cover 11x14 with no movement. However, they've also been reported as 80 degree lenses, which at 14" should easily cover 8x20. Robert reports his Trigor covers 8x20 with movement which would suggest expected (80 degree) coverage - but IIRC his is not a Schneider Kern Trigor. To cover a 540mm image corcle a 14" lens needs about 74 degrees of coverage.

So the reports of actual coverage of the Kern lenses seem to be inconsistent with reported specifications and reasonable angles of coverage for Dagors in general.

Can you tell any coverage difference between the barrel and shuttered versions of the Schneider/Kern lenses or between the Schneider/Kern Dagors and Schneider/Kern Trigors?