In the beginning I was devoted to AA, but then I found that what I was enamored with was more the technical aspect of his photography (my engineering background coming out) than the "art". Once I seriously started looking at the images as visual statements I found the ones I enjoyed the most were taken during a very short time window 1936 to 42.

After that I found his pictures uninspiring for the most part. Technically outstanding, but uninspiring. His color stuff really missed the mark. There is a discussion of B&W photographers trying to cross-over to color on under the LF forum if your interested. I must have committed hearsay by saying AA's color sucked as my post was deleted by the moderator. Must be a major AA fan.

For the long haul my favorite LF photograhers are Edward Weston and Bruce Barnbaum. I have favorites in 35mm and medium format as well as I find that the format used seems to influence the style of photograhy.

Other fav's are Penn, Ritts, Arbus, and Newton for people.