It's a fine camera. I was interested in one a couple of years ago, but I decided against it. Be sure it meets your needs though, before your 1 week return period is over. The G1 can have some focussing problems. Also, it may or may not be the best choice for street photography. The reason I say this is because it relies on autofocus. Most street shooters rely on having a wide-angle lens on the camera, like 35mm or 28mm, and on not focussing at all (using hyperfocal or zone focussing instead). There are other alternatives. For size, many of the autofocus SLRs today are as big as medium format cameras, But a more traditonal SLR like a Nikon FM2n, FM3a is really no larger than a G1 or a Leica. I much prefer an SLR myself. Another relatively inexpensive but very effective setup is one of the new Cosina "Voigtlander" Bessa R2's. As far as I'm concerned though, a manual SLR such as the FM3a, with a prime lens on it, is just as effective a street shooter as any rangefinder. I've got a little Russian Fed 3 rangefinder made sometime in the 1950's that works pretty well. It cost me less than $30 plus shipping, but as I said, I can use a Nikon FM3a the same way as I would any rangefinder for street shooting. I just use hyperfocal or zone focussing using the marks on the lens. I would generally use a 35mm Nikkor on it for that. I actually haven't used it much since buying it due to illness, but I used a Pentax K1000 in much the same way for like 20 years. However, I've spent a lot of time on some Contax forums in the past, and I know those who like the G1 and G2 like them a lot. One big difference it has compared to a more traditional rangefinder is that there are no frame lines in the viewfinder. It's a telescopic finder that adjusts itself for the lens that's mounted, and you have to look in it just right - it's like a tunnel. Again, many people who love rangefinders love those frame lines, so the G1/G2 is a big departure from that.