Thanks for your comments here. I should've been more clear on the description of the lens and its condition.

The lens is a collapsible 50mm Summicron from the 50's, and the problem is the inside.

The person/technician at this well-known repair shop specialized in repairing old used Leica products in Tokyo told me that there are at least a few elements that have "something." What he has so far noticed are:

A few very thin cleaning marks from the previous service,

little dust/dirt,

and the decay of the coating that's peeling off,

which make the the lens look foggy or hazy.

The outside elements both front and rear are clean.

And he didn't mention about any signs of the fungus, which I asked because that's what I'm concerned the most, because Japan is a country with very humid summer.

So, basically if he does the normal cleaning on these elements, that will remove the coating a bit (or should I say, the coating will naturally come off due to its old age). He cannot do any re-coating. His shop doesn't offer that service.

But since it's an old vintage lens, I'm not sure if the lens elements can be re-coated. Or that might change the quality drastically or something.

So, what do you think?