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I've received prints from Bob Fowler and Steve Indvik, thanks guys, they are great! I'll be finding some space on my study wall to hang them shortly.

My prints should be in the post within the next week.

Hey gang... I am hoping that my internet connection problems are behind me now (two weeks of hit or miss connections ). I have attempted to make a couple of prints from my last trip to the Quabbin, but have discovered flaws in the negs, and with time being consumed with the last exhibit at the VPC I haven't had any luck getting a print made.
This morning I scrutinized another couple of negs from that group and they look good to print!! WOOOO HOOOO! So I will be spending some time in the darkroom this holiday weekend. So please be patient, a print will be in the mail soon. But in case of more problems, I do have a back up print to send.
Thanks for your patience.