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I am coming to the end of an emotional journey, that will start a new one.

Back in October I was presented with an opportunity to own the holy grail, a FS V8 Deardorff. I was told if I wanted it, it was mine. I knew I couldn't afford it all at once, and sent a Linhof monorail as a down payment.

I gave myself a set of criteria thath had to happen before I could pay it off, and they have all been completed. In the past week I have paid off two credit cards, and all of my insurance policies for the next six months. I managed things well enough to have all of March's bills paid as well.

I go and get the camera, with 8x10, and revolving 4x5 backs on Saturday. I have sent my lenses ahead of me, and they are serviced and waiting on 'dorff boards, ready to shoot. I have film and holders at the ready.

I now feel like an addict. I'm counting every second until Saturday. I have worked hard to accomplish this, and it is coming true. I can hardly live with myself. The camera has been a goal unto itself. The photographic posibilities are off the scale.

Can anyone else relate? Whether for gear or not, have you met goals, that while great unto themselves, brought greater things in return?

Only 120 hours to go...
I understand the excitement and anticipation. I think that what I observe in what you have written is a bit of what I experience when I photograph with one of my old cameras. There is a certain character to these cameras...a tradition, if you will. A mandate, as well, to carry forward with the tradition of fine images made, life experienced, and realizations achieved. Good luck.

Donald Miller