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Well Firecracker, I don't think you'll have much of a choice if that is your sole parameter for making a decision.

Prices are going up everywhere on everything; welcome to inflation.
The reason why I've been using Fuji products in Japan is the availability more than the quality. That's is just how Kodak in the U.S. was to their customers/users years ago, I believe. At least when I was living there, many Kodak products were so bread-and-butter to me.

In the price competition, Fuji film (Neopan is what I use) has been always kept cheaper than foreign brands. But with the potential (up to) 30 percent of an increase, that will easily go higher than the prices of, TriX and/or HP5 as an example.

That's not my sole parameter but still is in the main part on choosing consumarable items like films, photo papers, and chemicals. Since I have used other brands' products for a certain period of time, I have my charts/darkroom recipes and can make a switch. And I'm actually kind of excited to do that.

I just wanted to let you guys and gals know how it is over here.