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Believe me, whoring myself out for black and white film is not beneath me, but this was not the case!!! :]

Anyway, I can't believe that I'm the only APUG-er who sent a Thanks FUJI email that got a response of some kind.

And so, once again, thank you Ms. Salimbene, for the response to my response, and for the fantastic film(s).

I don't know much about the U.S. and/or UK branches of Fuji Film, but the one in Japan, runs an annual photo contest that takes photo portfolios. The deadline for the submission had just passed, but if you're interested in this kind of activity/event, here's more info (in Japanese language only):


There's an age limit that's 35 and younger, but that's all I know as far as the rules go. It's open to anyone in all nationals/countries, etc. And If you win the prize you'll have your show in the Fuji galleries in japan and receive Fuji products and some cash.

I'm sure they'll love to have your work submittted, and that's going to be a lot of contribution and support for them. Or maybe this is just too beneath you to do...