[quote="veriwide"] an emotional journey

All journeys should have intense emotions. Sadly, only a few actually do. I share your quest for the grail, but every time I think I hold it I discover another grail. To savor life we must never be content, but we must never confuse the acquisition of material things with contentment. Hopefully, standing on a high ridge line with your Deardorff at your side and plenty of film holders at the ready, a symphony of sky and Beethoven conducting the clouds, you will feel the power and the serenity that capturing a personal image brings. You will know that being there with your camera is far better than just being there. Then, just as everthing is perfect, you open the shutter and think, "S--t, this would look so much better in 11x14"
Best of luck. Enjoy. May you become one with a truly fine camera.