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I use an old (uncoated) Tessar on my 4x5. The lack of a coating hasn't stopped me at all.

OTOH, if it ain't broke, why fix it! You've described what the lens looks like but... what do the images look like? If none of this stuff affects the images, why not just leave well enough alone?
Thanks for the comment/advice. My concern is about the rapid growth of fungus in the humid environment. Naturally Japan is a country famously known for that, and many people use drying cabinets, etc to prevent anything to grow in their photo equipment.

I know sometimes it's ovekill to think about storing the photo equipment properly, but this is not the case. It's just too chancy to leave and/or use them just like how I used to.

So, where do I compromise when I see something inside the lens and it seems it's growing? I'm sure I need to clean it off. But will the lens cleaning leave any spots on the coating(s)? Are the spots going to be very visible/noticable? How much do they affect the images in both B&W and color? Will I be able to see them that in the enlargements like 16x20"?

The last time I used that Summicron lens was a while ago, and because now I live in a different place with different light, and using different enlarging equipment for my photos, I cannot really compare the results so critically.