There is a product made in the UK called Alclad and used in modelling and racing helmet design. As you said it's sprayed over a black paint and is available in chrome, polished and flat aluminium, steel, copper and a couple of other finishes.

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Hi there,

"I don't see anything on paper looking like a polished silver plate."

It could be done fairly easily, of coarse the devil is in the details.

For show cars and race bikes they have professional grade painted-on chrome that does look like polished chrome. It is ultra fine aluminium applied over gloss black then coated with high gloss clear. The same could be done on gloss black polyester with a wash-off relief like dye-transfer mats then lacquered. It's not classic silver printing or a perfect replacement for daguerreotype but it would be safe to handle. I don't think there would be enough of a market to justify perfecting the process for making the paper.

Just a thought.