I was just in the recently opened Henry's in Cambridge and had a nice chat with one of the women there. I asked her about a recommendation for b&w film and she immediately reached for the Ilford 400asa professional saying "this is what I always use." What? That was refreshing to hear. So I asked her a few more questions and apparently she is a student in arts at the university of Guelph and got talking about the photography component of her course. She said that the prof for photography made all the students go out and buy an older 35mm slr with no auto focus capability and no built in metering. He wanted them to put a prime lens on it and start shooting. She then went on to say that he is also getting them to develop their own b&w and colour film.

How refreshing is that to hear? I'm a little out of the university loop (I'm 37 y/o) but I fully expected to hear about digital photography and zoom lenses, etc. etc. I loved hearing that this person shoots only film and loves the feel (both physical and visual) of it.

Just my little cheer for film for today. Thanks for reading.