Hi there,

I'll ruin everyone's day with this, oh well.

The magic to daguerreotypes is the image floating above the mirrored surface gives it a 3 dimensionality that nothing else can quite match.

The magic to psuedo-chrome is applying it over a black background, any other color lessens the effect.

SO, we could have glass plates vacuum plated with aluminium like telescope mirrors, or we could apply mylar mirror film to black photo-paper then coat it with a high grade VC emulsion and a super smooth finish. Instant daguerreotypes in any silver darkroom and no dangerous chemicals involved.

We could have 3M or Dupont apply mylar to black polyester and run it off by the mile but I don't think there's enough of a market for that. Maybe we could get Fuji or Kodak to apply their color emulsion to it for full color daguerreotypes. 3D holograms? The possiblities are endless.

Another walk thru the garden of a diseased mind.