dont u trust your camera???
contax g was out of my whish only because of the electronics and the af. i do think that the ziess is better, and the only better lense than the sumicron is the next
but does it really matters.. the point is that both contax/zeiss and leica is so good that when u make on it a good photo no one cares what it is, i dont care at least.
plannars are great - all of them - 45, 50 and of course the legend itself - the 80mm.
about the street photo and the dynamics of the camera (the g), i dont know how it is to work with it but im sure that u can addapt yourself to your needs with this camera. u know, i have no problem to take the .. lets go radical - sinar p (not alpa or technikardan) , and make with it dynamic street photo. the only reason that i dont work on the streets with the sinar is because i dont have it but im sure that even with this monster i would make it, cause i can adapt myself to the needs - just put it on the street on intresting position and view with wide lense, adjust it and shoot when something interesting happens in the field of view of your lense.
yes - this would be different than hunting the image and catching it with the mechanical rf, but who said that the only street photo is the mechanical rf?
and who said that using mechanical rf means being the fastest in reaction? while u can at least put the camera on some assistance with your g, i have to do every thing by my own. i have no problem with it, my accuracy both in focusing aproximation and in light conditions is very accurate indeed, especially after a few frames when the senses getting back to be sharper, and u start working with pure instintcs,
but if u r a little bit not concentrated enough?! ... and plus to it, u have to be sensetive to what is going on there that u want to photograph. so it is eassy to say that mechanical rf will react faster, but in practice.. even if your r very experianced etc, it happens that u r tired or not in mood or not concentrated enough etc.[img][/img]