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I am having a really hard time finding a way to mount my new 1 inch Wollensak cine raptar f1.9 onto a 52mm thread (Nikon br-2 reversing ring, actually).

I want to reverse mount the lens for macro photography as discussed in this thread.. Since the cine lens has filter threads that look to be about 24mm to my eye although it isn't written on the lens, the adapter seems to be a simple matter of a step up ring from 24mm to 52mm. Now this seems like a simple affair but I can't find such a beast (or even step up ring combinations that would add up to such a beast) anywhere. I called a few machine shops but they are quite expensive - much more than I can afford.

So does anyone know where I can buy such a step up ring or get it made. I could easily ship the lens and the ring to someone who can make the appropriate step up ring to couple these two at a reasonable cost.

Thanks for any help.
S.K. Grimes can make you one. You will have to send them the lens for an estimate for the work. I would send the BR-2 ring as well so they can make the best step up precisely. It's an expensive solution but they do excellent work. I've had them make a step up ring for filter use for my Red Dot Artar. I think the cost was about $80 not including shipping.