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You said you asked about fungus and the tech "didn't mention" any. Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean s/he evaded or ignored your question, or s/he said there were no signs of fungus? Also, if the tech couldn't reassure you, maybe a second opinion would?

Seems to me, if there are no signs of fungus, and your concern is fungus, you might want to keep a supply of a desiccant in your kit.

When the tech guy at the made an estimate based on his check-up. He said he didn't see any fungus. What he found was the decay of the coating among some dust and dirt that's making the (slight) fog and haze.

The tech guy has told me that the decay of the coating will proceed over time, and that will make the lens less clear and affect the images more if it's already affecting, but I don't know because I have nothingt to compare to right now.

And if the condition of the lens is like this today compared to, let's say 6, 7 years ago when I first got it, yes, maybe 95 percent of a chance it will grow more and get worse.

But the particles of some kind of fungus/fungi that are not visible at this stage could be expected all the time, which is what I hear from other camera users in this country. People usually indentify fungus/fungi when it is/they are big enough to be growing like snow flakes or spider webs. But that's already too late.

The last time the lens went to the service, but that wasn't for lens cleaning, so some inside elements have not been touched for a long long time. That's the only reason for me think it's time for me to get the lens cleaned by the professionals.

I'm still debating, but I will have to answer to the tech guy today. Based on what I've read here, I'll be more confident to make my decision for sure. I'm likely to ask him to do the job.

Thanks again.