I just looked over the files that were sent to me. There is an "autorun file" that directs to an index. I am just not sure at this point if the text in that file is the html "tag". I have sent a message to see if this is the "tag" so that I can begin researching this.

As I think about it there has to be an autorun command...all of the software installation discs have it.

This sure seems like a another way apart from the slide show. The slide show is neat...but if a gallery owner wants to look at a particular image for a longer time...then the slide show is limited in this respect.

What you find from your people will certainly be helpful.

I think that this is an excellent means to bring one's work to the awareness of "key" people. Websites are wonderful...but one needs to make the prospects aware of the websites existence first. Magazine ads can do that to a degree--but advertising can be costly. A cd mailing sure looks like another tool in the "marketing toolchest". The two cds that I mailed this morning cost me about $2.50 each including postage