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Well we have both found our own best choice. Even though the choices are different I somehow feel this is a memorial day..or is it a Memorial Day?

Mr McBlane appreciated is your taking the time to amuse an old man. Thank you Michael.
The pleasure was all mine.

I would add that "our best choices" do change. I shot 35mm when I started out, then moved to 2 1/4 (hasselblad). Since 2 1/4 is such a great compromise, I really haven't ever left it and my F4 sits in a camera bag unused and I gave away a N8008. I finally was using the F4 for vacation stuff but that has been replaced by Mamiya 7II. (damn I love bigger negs)

I have 4x5 and dabble in that, Linhof Bi kardan and a Littman. But I photograph a lot of kids and I can't seem to make it work, or can't get out of the comfort zone of 2 1/4.

I now have a digital Nikon d200 and am playing with that. So our tools do change as do we.