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So after playing around with the 12x20 for a month now and becoming familiar with how it 'feels'...I am kind of deciding that I like a little bit wider format, something like the 7x17. I like the negative width of the 12x20, just not the height. I looked at some 8x10 work online, and even saw an 8x20 print from AJ Meek that a friend of mine has...but it seems even more horizontal than the 7x17.

So, I'm wondering if there is a camera that's 10x20 inches? I know I can always trim down my 12x20's, but it seems that there is a risk to damaging the negative once they are processed. Is that risk minimal? Is anyone doing that for a wider format?

Is there such a camera like the 10x20? Just curious.
As far as I know there is no 10X20 camera. However, we made some 9 1/2" X 20" holders a couple of years ago for someone who planned to cut down 9 1/2" aerial film in rolls, so might be an option, depending on supply of this particualr film.

Another option is to get an 8X20 reducing back for the 12X20.