The way I understand "Bokeh" is that it is the quality of the out of focus area. It can be pleasant or not so pleasant. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To compare you Bokeh to your Uncles Leica Bokeh you need to even the playing field so to speak. Shoot the same film, subject and distance, f/stop and lens length. However some lenses have more pleasing results than others. I believe my Minolta MD lenses provide better Bokeh than my Nikkor lenses. The Nikor lenses are sharper. Take your pick between the two. I prefer the Nikkor lens myself. This is subjective to my viewing. Digital camera's to me have an even grainless out of focus area that is flat and lackluster. Bokeh is dependent on all the qualities of your lens, film, light etc and cannot be pinned down to a single component such as number of blades. . Mirror lenses have a Bokeh of their own with the doughnut shapes they produce.