I loved my Mamiya C220 and it's three lenses (65, 80, 135) dearly for years. After an interval of no photography at all, I returned with a P67 and three lenses which I now love equally dearly. Just the first glimpse of a big 6x6, or 6x7 negative was enough to kill any interest I may have had for 35mm shooting beyond it's use as an exrtemely portable convenience camera.

But the mania of the moment is digital...so very much like the SLR tidal wave of the late 60's and 70's that one needs to be well seasoned to resist the onslaught of 'film is dead' nonsense that has dominated the photographic zeitgeist. It sounds quite quaint to read a thread that still even remembers that there ever was an SLR steamroller. My antidote? I've taken the plunge into LF. Anyone know what real estate prices are in Luddia???