So I'd like to hear from the particpants and non-particpants on how to improve the blind print exchange. Some ideas I have received:
  • Regionalize the exchange when pairing up the particpants to reduce the postage burden. This can be done easily as the pairing up excercise just turns into a number of 'daisy chains'. I do this already actually - the daisy chain, not the regionalization. For example, I had two chains in the last round - one for those attending the APUG Conference and one for those that didn't.
  • Themes. Have a specific theme or topic for the print to be exchanged. We can accomplish the theme via a poll, perhaps.
  • Stagger the exchanges - between the group and blind exchange. This is also easy to do and I understand due to the postage burden. Nige has already started Round 7 of the Postcard Exchange. All the other exchanges appear to be finishing off at the end of May.
  • Leave it alone.
Any other thoughts. Your input is very much appreciated.

Also, I'd like to get an idea why there are few particpants from Asia. Please tell me via PM or post a message here. I'd like to understand why and do something to see more particpants from Asia. If it means regionalizing to reduce the postage cost, please tell me. It is very easy to do in the next round.

Thanks everyone, Art.