It's funny when I first started becoming interested in photography my dad got me a Kodak Brownie that took 620 film. I was about 12. He showed me how to develop my own film and print a contact sheet. Eventually when he figured I had something worth printing he let me use his enlarger (a DeJur). He had a 35 mm SLR (Exakta, the good one with Zeiss glass) and a Rollei TLR. He couldn't understand why I was always drooling over the TLR and not this sexing SLR he had. Eventually he let me step up to the Rollei.

I still have the Rollei and it works like new. It's had a ton of film thru it over the years and has got some impressive frequent flyer miles. I still have the old Brownie too. Just wish I could find some 620 film for it. Since the Holga rage I have been interested in generating some nice fuzzy pictures.

When I started using 35mm seriously I bought a fixed lens RF rather than a SLR. It wasn't until I got into newspaper work that I finally broke down and bought a Nikon SLR. That's only because we had a pool of lenses we could use.

Some much for the trip down memory lane! I've never been one for the main stream, so it's no surprise I love my TLR and LF gear.