I am new to Apug and all these exchanges, but would like to start participating. My thoughts are :

Regionalize, for me I wouldn't mind sending my photos anywhere. I usually find it is not to expensive, as long as people don't mind waiting. (I usually send thing via the slowest method available, therfore cheapest) The guy at my post office is alway very helpful. Plus, I think that it would be cool to receive an image from somewhere else.

Themes, I am not a big fan of this. Mostly because I love to shoot what I love to shoot. But it could as be interesting, maybe get me to shoot something other than what I love to shoot and add some diversity and creativity to my work.

Stagger the exchanges, since I have not been apart of any of these exchanges I can not speak much on this. I am always in and out of the darkroom on a regular basis. So it is never a problem for me to go in for an hour or so to print up something for the exchange.

Those are just a few of my thoughts as a newbie!