I guess I'm sort of a born again TLR fan. After using 35mm for years I got a Mamiya 645 a couple years ago for the bigger negatives. Once I started working with those I wanted a less expensive MF camera to lug around and was lucky to acquire a near-pristine Yashica D with a decent example of the Yashinon lens (some users report terribly soft corners, but I haven't had that problem). The simplicity of that camera is leading me to want to get rid of everything I have that isn't fully manual. I now understand why my father - my first photography teacher - gladly gave his 35mm equipment to me and sang the praises of his Minolta Autocord. He said it was the only camera he would ever use again. When he died I discovered its joys, and would still be today if some a**hole hadn't broken into my home and stolen it.

This then leads to a question for all you TLR fans around here: I want to eventually get a TLR with better glass than the Yashica. I want to stay with 120/220 format. I will use it in a variety of situations (landscape/studio portraits and anything in between). Mostly black&white but some color. So if it was you, what would you pick and why. Rollei with Zeiss? Rollei with Schneider? Mamiya 220? Another Autocord?

Looking forward to your input!