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Bumping this back up. I was curious if anyone knew who/where the group of film/LF users in Chapel Hill (or anywhere else in the Triangle area) met?
I'm a member of the Triangle Black and White Group, it's a great bunch of folks. The group meets once a month on the third Tuesday from 7:00PM to 9:00PM at the Falconbridge Community Center in Chapel Hill, NC. from September thru June.

The group's focus is exclusivly wet darkroom black and white photography. It not LF specifically but many of the core participants are shooting and showing 4x5, with a bunch of MF and 35 as well (some of us use the "D" and "C" words also, digital and color that is, but in the group setting it's not discussed and never shown).

We've been group showing about twice a year, next up is the North Carolina State University Gallery of Art and Design in July. Group shoots are being discussed, and a website is coming soon. In the interim, please PM or e-mail me with questions or for our standard (long) blurbs about who we are.