Colin your camera is fantastic. I am a woodworker and I have built a similar camera in Cherry and it is nice. I used brass which brought the weight up though. I made it some twenty years ago when I had very few tools. Now I have a large shop in which I am going to build a 5x7 clamshell folding type camera again. I worked on the design and filled a note book with designs and found that in the end this kind of camera almost has to be a triple extension design. I started out with the wish list of movements and features and it became ultra complex. In the end it's a combination of mandatory movements and ergonomic function. Once the worker does a rack and pinion it's easier to get it closer to perfection the next time. In fact the first camera is closer to a prototype so I am looking forward to the work ahead. I was luck to buy a new Canham bellows for a 5x7 with 26 inches of extension. I haven't designed a camera around a bellows before, it should be interesting. Today I set up my Kodak 2D 5x7 and looked at it. It's built like a brick outhouse. I can see where they were going with the design. Today it's lighter but still stronger. So many of the field cameras have a sag when fully extended. I would like to make one more rigid and keep the smooth focus. On seeing your camera I will have to rethink the wood. Maybe purple heart or zebra wood? I am not sure the Cherry Oak and Mahogany will do now. Beautiful camera you should be very proud, it's quite an accomplishment to be able to make an instrument of that high precision.