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To balance the mixture at 1:1:100 I figure to adjust the Stock B Sodium Hyroxide solution to about 12%. Does that sound about right to you. I notice that your working solution is 1:1.5:100 with a 10% Stock B sodium hydroxide solution, which sounds very close to what I came up with as the best mix of the two stock solutions.

Sounds about right, I guess if you do the 12% solution you would need a 1:1:100 concentration to get similar results as 2:2:100 when using carbonate accelerator. For simplicity sake I settled on 1:1:100 using NaOH 10% and giving a little bit more developing time to acheive the same CI. I think I mentioned this, but IMO this combinatin is not good for long scale negatives as the times get really short.