Jessops have a new website at and would like some feedback on it. The main changes seem to be:

- They no longer trade in secondhand camera equipment or accept trade-ins.
- Traditional photography equipment has been relegated to a very small (and quite hard to find) corner of the site.
- Very little traditional photography equipment is held in stock (check Film SLR's for example).
- They have now started to sell televisions and satnav systems (most of which are in stock).

Now, I remember the days (not all that long ago) when you could walk into your local Jessops store and walk out again a few minutes later with a bottle of Ilfotec DD-X, a few rolls of Delta 3200 (in 135 or 120), a Paterson tank and a pack of 16x12 MGWT FB Glossy. Not as cheap as the internet by any means, but very convenient when you needed the stuff in a hurry!

If you venture in now it looks like a cross between PC World, Curry's and Halfords, and you're lucky if they have more than twenty rolls of film in the shop. Any request for anything other than the most basic of traditional items is met with a bleat of, "Well, we can order it for you..."

It's a long, sad way from the days when 'Jessops of Leicester' was a name that commanded respect in photographic circles.

So I was thinking...

A while back Fuji stated its committment to traditional processes. Quite a few of us wrote in or sent emails to say, 'Thank you!' for that. This actually got noticed at Fuji to the extent that pretty much all of us got, 'Thank you' emails and letters back ourselves and some even received complimentary film to show Fuji's appreciation for the gesture!

This time, I suggest we send a different message to Jessops. They have, after all, asked for feedback!

I suggest we tell them that that if we want a television then we'll go to Curry's or Comet, if we want a satnav system then we'll go to Halfords, and if we want a computer peripheral then we'll go to PC World! I suggest we then ask them where in the high street we're supposed to go if we need traditional photographic supplies! It obviously won't be where we've traditionally gone...

APUG is large enough (and can be loud enough) to be heard. We've proved that. I'll grant you that this probably won't change a damn thing.

Let's do it anyway.

Thanks for reading and thanks to digiconvert and AndyK for raising this issue on another thread (see below).


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