The things people do in showers !

Coincidentally, my new film trying “cabinet” is made from a shower curtain.

Basically, it is like the Durst film dryer, but without the headers, filters, fans and expense. The top is a 20 x 14 x 5 inch open wooden box with a plastic vent on the side. The bottom is a 19x13 (approx) wooden tray. The bottom tray fits inside the top to form a closed box. These two parts are connected with the clear PVC shower curtain which is wrapped round the inside of the upper box and the outside of the lower tray, thus forming a “tube” with the box at one end and the tray at the other. The curtain has opening on one side and is simply stapled on to the wooden boxes (its difficult to glue PVC). The opening is held shut with stick on Velcro strip. The top box is fixed to the wall and the bottom tray is free to move and hangs suspended by the curtain. The film clips hang from hooks in the top box.

When not in use the curtain and bottom tray are pushed up into the top box and held in place with a strap. This keeps the dust out of the internals, and tidies the place up. When in use, the weight of the lower tray (which hangs off the floor) keeps everything taut and spread out. In fact, it looks like a shower cubicle for a midget. The bottom tray also catches drips and can hold a seed tray heater as a heat source; although I have found heating is not really necessary.

Although it looks a bit naff, it works wonderfully well. The dust just loves to stick to the PVC and will do so in preference to the just washed (and thus static free) film. Any dust of the PVC can be wiped of with a damp cloth. Just keep the film away from the curtain (i.e. hang it in the middle of the internal space) and it dries dust free in a couple of hours.

Anything to keep the bathroom free…