Hi from a new member.

My name is Dave Morrow and I live in Stonehaven, Scotland (just south of Aberdeen). I am originally from Belfast, N-Ireland but moved to Scotland 14 years ago.

I have been interested in photography for about 10 years. Joining a local camera club last year has really rekindled my interest. Camera club competitions mean I am producing a lot more prints and I am picking up a lot of improvement tips.

Although I have been using digital techniques since 1998, I have recently gone back to film and the darkroom. As I work in IT I found that spending time in front of a computer all evening wasn’t very satisfying. I was able to crank out loads of prints, but it was beginning to feel like a chore rather than a hobby. I have now gone back to my darkroom - only 1-2 full prints a week but I find it much more satisfying. (Although my family snapshots are still digital).

I found Apug.org by the recommendation in Black and White Magazine. I have been lurking for a few weeks and have found the information really useful. I will try to put up an image in the coming weeks for critique.