Companies respond to customer demands. If we support them with our purchases, they will support us with their offerings. If we look for the cheapest deals and order online, we shouldn't be surprised if they close their doors. It's us, not them. Nikon and Canon turn their backs on traditional photography not because they like to, but because they have to.

I remeber an Ilford survey, where Ilford could not find out why customers would complain about the high prices of chemicals $3 to $8 a unit, even if they only used a unit per anno. But the same customers went out and bought more cameras and lenses costing hundreds of dollars, even if they never used or not needed them.

Customer behavior is hard to predict, but one thing is unfortunately certain, 'cheaper' seems to beat 'customer service' hands-down these days.

Let's make sure we support the quality manufacturers that are left and don't waste our money on the cheap onces. Otherwise, only the cheap once are left, and then, they will dictate the price.