Photography is a form of communication as is all art. Every communication, no matter how "close" to reality it may be, is manipulated in some fashion.
Art makes a point. Yes it reflects on occasion a real situation but a story is always told from a point of view. Even the angle from which you shoot an image plays a part in how the image is perceived. You can shoot an actual portrait without altering the person but if you shoot from four different angles you can give four different perceptions of what that person is all about.

No matter how realistic we attempt to be, all photography is communicated with a point of view...and perceived by someone else's view.

When a photojournalist shoots a news item, any manipulation of the actual event to make it look like something else is no longer photojournalism.
But, if a photo is color corrected or cropped to dramatize the moment, that's still a journalistic approach. Cropping has always been a technique of manipulating the subject in a photograph. It doesn't need to be analog or digital specifically to use that technique.

If we are thinking that analog is more real than digital, we are under a great misconception. Perception is reality.