So some of us can think back to pre-Jessop's times and remember when Dixons was a photo chain, own brand cameras, enlargers etc, at it's height it sponsored the UK's Press photographer of the Year Awards, took over great names like Wallace Heaton, then they began selling end of line Hi-Fi & TV's.. . . . . . . . . .

What's new Jessops is no longer a real player in the market place for serious photographers, and will go the same way as Dixons.

Not that many years ago Jessop's prided themselves on their service, and offered all photographers professional or hobbyist excellent prices on all available products. Unfortunately under a new Chairman standards have slipped remakably quickly, to the point where they are they are now possibly thr worst retailer of photographic goods in the UK. Despite a huge catalogue of products.

Perhaps I should add I've had business dealings with Jessop's (head office) and also had a few meetings with their ex-Chairman, both while he was at Jessops and after.