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hi, i bought a used dunco67II some month ago and i have a problem i
Why am I not at all surprised? Ah yes, I remember. I had the exact same trouble with a then new dunco II66 which needed a good handfull of shims to get properly aligned. I bought it as a beginner and it took me several years to realize what a piece of crap my beloved Dunco was.

I'm still upset when I remember what kinds of trouble I had with this device. Flimsy, 6x6 limited to 55x55mm (Rolleiflex is 56x56mm, I called them if there was a special carrier for Rolleiflexes but was told that 55x55 is standard following DIN and this is what they stick to. Well, thanks for sticking your heads into whitebooks instead of building what fits photographers needs!). BTW. Dunco 30x40cm easels fowl Dunco-columns when using that format. Not to forget that it was impossible to fine-focus without a costy accessory which broke down after half a year (flimsy) but was replaced with an improved one for free and within few days. Their service was nothing to complan about, not at all. But let me get back to the issue of aligning a Dunco.

Firsts step: *Remove* both zero-detents, on the head as well as on the lens-stage, they are nothing but in your way to proper left-to-right alignment. Put them aside if you want to sell the enlarger later. Shims may be needed for proper alignment of the flimsy column which tilts back and forth as the head is moved up and down. Align column/head for somewhere in between. After aligning the head left-to-right you will find that there are no means to align the lensboard front to rear. A good place for some more shims.

After going through that procedure and finally getting sharp grain over the whole picture the idea of a mechnically better enlarger became *very* attractive to me. I had a chance to get a Durst Laborator 54 for the proverbial song and sold the Dunco some weeks later. I now have two Laborators (54, 1000) and paid less than for the Dunco in 1990. They are, as one might expect, worlds apart mechanically.

Please apologize my ramblings, my bloodpressure is still on the rise when I think about the time and effort wasted. GET RID OF IT! Ok, I'll shut up now...