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What a great idea! Guerrilla action! Go to your nearest Jessops and leave a cheap wreath hanging on their door with a card: 'In memoriam Jessops Photographic'.
Interesting idea, I'd also suggest photocopying a page out of the OED for the 'Photography' section so they can work out what you mean .
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My main concern with what Jessops are doing/have done is that the general public will now be convinced there is no longer any such thing as film, and that can only be damaging to companies like Ilford, Fuji etc.
Only problem is that most people don't even THINK about film or digital , they want a camera and they know digital things are good. I heard a guy in Jessops ask for a digital camera, that's all he knew, they could have sold him a Canon 5D or a jessops 50 P and S and he would have been happy either way.

I did see one comment about this being good for the small independents - that will be the small independents Jessops and Dixons priced out of existence 20 years ago presumably. Isn't market forces a wonderful thing ? Problem is it tends to favour the lowest common denominator !