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My main concern with what Jessops are doing/have done is that the general public will now be convinced there is no longer any such thing as film, and that can only be damaging to companies like Ilford, Fuji etc.
I was asked for my advice on a camera, the person wanted x, y and z. They also wanted prints especially black and white prints. I offered to do their b+w dev and enlargements and we picked out a Nikon F65 plus zoom. They used a FM when in college so had a preference for Nikon.

Into Jessops [Dublin] they go. Sales dude laughs when they ask to see the F65 in the cabinet, says film cameras are for old foggies. He asks why they want film and he counter argues vice each point they make. Unfortunatly I wasn’t there because none of his points would stand up. They end up with a digital Canon P+S and a dedicated printer, spending 3 times the amount. I get a great laugh when I see the 4x6 prints from this printer, I wouldn’t use them as a beer mat.

In another shop [not Jessops], a sales guy told me that he got a verbal warning on his first week for pushing film cameras, he was told a digital camera was a sale that would be repeated every 12-18 months and to use his expression the demise of film is down to the greedy, the impressionable, the insecure and the impatient.