I have a box of Tri-X equally old in my refridgerater, but only have a few sheets left because it's sooooo goood! No kidding. I bought this film while in Art School in 1977, and back then it was out dated. When I left the States for Germany in 1987, it landed in the basement at my mothers house. No special storage, just in an old fruit locker in the basement. I ran across the box of film a couple of years ago, and decided to give it whilrl. FANTASTIC! Sure, a small mount of baseline fog, which made it just right for those VERY contrasty scenes. Almost like having pre-flashed film. It was so good, I saved it for certain lighting situations (read HIGH CONTRAST) where a normal film might not be best suited.

I develped the film in DD-23 for 9:30min @21C as "N"

Sometimes wonderful things can be found while rumaging through your old belongings in your Mothers basement at all hours of the morning.