"It's funny when I first started becoming interested in photography my dad got me a Kodak Brownie that took 620 film"

Like you, Eric, my father gave me a Brownie 620 when I on my 11th birthday(circa 1950), mainly so I would quit playing with my mother's Kodak Tourist 620. I couldn't keep up with the processing costs so the next Christmas I was presented with a Kodak developing kit to process the film and contact print the negs on paper that was so insensitive that you could handle it in subdued room light and the printer had a 100 watt bulb! I have been involved with photography ever since, in spite of other distractions such as medical school, etc. I combined all the cash graduation presents I received and used them to purchase an Olympus Pen F which I loved until it died some years later. Thanks to the Army I was able to get into Nikon equipment while stationed in the far East. Now I have 35mm, 6x6, and 4x5 and enjoy using each of them. My favorite is 6x6 which allows portability and a good negative size for my meager darkroom efforts.