I had the opportunity to spend a half day with Nick Orzio, one of General MacArthur's photographers, while I was studying retouching in Florida.

A dodging trick he has, is to build a bracket down from the negative carrier platform on each side. He made it adjustable so it could go down to something like 8 inches.

I think he screwed two brackets, on each side, close to the corners of the negative platform. On the bottom of the bracket, it was bent to a 90 degree for about an inch or so, inwards.

When he is dodging long exposures he lays a piece of glass onto the 90 degree corners, and lays home made dodging devices on the glass to block the exposure.

To describe it better, all exposures have to also go through the glass to get to the paper. He has devised a system so that he can block exposure to areas of the prints, hands free, allowing different and many areas to be manipulated at one time.

I haven't done this yet but I thought it rather ingenious.

Michael McBlane