OK! Sounds like the interest is there.

I was thinking in terms of something like our friends across the pond have been doing..The UK folks seem to have this down (IMHO). Pick a weekend, meet up...enjoy some good food and spirits, then burn a bit of film. So at this point I am open (it is after all for all who can attend). If someone has a place that they think would be good to meet and shoot let's hear it. Places that come to mind for me are the Lost Pines in Bastrop (31/2 hrs from DFW), if around Oct Fair Park would be out due to the State Fair - otherwise, the Mission trail in San Antonio.

If everyone could toss out ideas, think we can figure out some place - central to all and still a lot of fun. We could try to keep drive times for everyone (except our neighbors across the borders) to less than 4-5 hrs. Then think about any activities that might be going on - this could be good or bad, and a place to stay - always a good thing. There are a few places that come to mind around Austin that might fit the bill - you guys down there could help us out with the logistics around there.

If the timing does not work out, let's see when a good time for most would be.

Thanks everyone....Bruce you going to be down here anytime soon? Let us know we could try to meet up.