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Back in the 90's, a documentary was done on Sally Mann called "Blood Ties".
It was an excellent film and it was nominated for an Oscar(!), but it didn't win.

I got on the 'old' internet using CompuServe and met a guy in LA who had access to a master of this film and he cut me a VHS tape of the movie! I am horrified to learn that the holder for it is now empty. I think my ex-girlfriend (a photographer herself) made off with it when we split up. I can't prove that, yer honor, but that's what I think - you know how women are when you dump them. I caught her lyin'......under another guy.

Does anyone have any idea how to get a copy of the movie? I had heard that Sally Mann herself did not want it released commercially but that it be made available only to schools and libraries. I'm pretty sure that is correct.

Any help would be appreciated. If anyone knows my ex-girlfriend, please steal it from her and mail it back to me.




Try this link


It's under projects & films along with another film on Sally Mann
"What Remains"